Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A tumblr diversion

So this blog is going to take a side step for a second so that I can bring you something that normally only lands on my tumblr account. I know your thinking what this girl has a theme (I do I promise but right now its only in my crazy head)

May I present to you the #menwHOTweet 2011 Calendar.
On a cold January afternoon what started as a joke to kill time turned into a bet/challenge that ended in pure Photoshop fun. I give you (some of) the wonderful men who try to make everyone’s life/home shine to its fullest potential. If you don’t know them you should. If you do, you should help increase their ego a little more today. Together they can make dreams come true - and they’re not too bad looking either. ;)

Sadly this did not really take me too long and if I really put in some hours it could have looked a lot different. This would not have been possible with out @Alexandrafunfit & @MonderSauce two wonderfully fabulous ladies. Plus we had some great judges (@saxonHenry and @DuQuellaTile).that helped decide who should make this years list (sorry for those that did not take it up with them) 
until next time


  1. Super good work girlfriend! So many possibilities for some fab guys. There is always next year. These fab boys are going to grace my studio wall. Thanks for your great effort.

  2. Thanks lady I really could not have put it all together with out those two ladies. It was a hard pick and I hope all the awesome guys smile at their pictures and captions. Hope it keeps you on task.

  3. Holy cow.

    That'a about all I can say.

  4. Wait, someone is actually going to hang this up? Oh dear God...

  5. Nick, I will raise you one degree and say "Holy Crapopolis!" and then go speechless...

    To the ladies who brought this startling assemblage to the Twitterverse, I bow deeply and send you a huge bouquet of RT's: @Shahalti, @ModernSauce, @Alexandrafunfit, @SaxonHenry, @DuQuellaTile: you rock our virtual world!

    Thank you for the interweb love.

  6. You know it has been requested that we turn this into an iPhone app.

  7. I think david's comment is funny... but Rich's is more eloquent. feeling the love. thank you S.and entourage.

    today - my twitter avi isn't the only thing glowing.

  8. I am a big fan of boosting people ego, some ego boosting only makes people more productive and feel better about themselves. But if any of you get too big of an ego I will smash it with help from @ModernSauce and @Alexandrafunfit

  9. Um, now what would be a monumental accomplishment is if, on our roadtrip, we were able to line up Jan-Dec with corresponding T-Shirts and take a 'calendar' photo.

    BTW, we could totally get a network to buy the rights to televise our roadtrip to completely finance it for us.

    Think of the concept. Like minded individuals meet on Twitter, create a calendar, plan a roadtrip - what more could the American TV audience want? All we lack is a cause... hmmm.

    Thanks for the Thursday flattery ladies.

  10. Nick, the cycle adds a whole dimension to your a good way.

    Love to see JB running on the beach :)

  11. @Jamey I love this idea. Lets make it happen!

  12. I want to thank all 12 Hotties for involuntarily volunteering. Please bow and take your shirts off!