Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lights Camera Christmas

We live in a time where we deal with unique experience that many would not understand unless you were there. During this time, lets just take a moment to remember how bless we are to have people that care. That includes the extended friends and family online. I would like to share with you some holiday lights from my neck of the woods.

Union Station - OMG isn't this light pattern amazing!

Side shot and all its glory!

City and County Building!! OMG they Dance!! So this Video is from before Thanksgiving, I will walk by it on Thursday, if it has changed I will post another video just to make sure you get the full Christmas experience.

OK that is all I am going back to watching cheesy wonderful girlie Hallmark/Lifetime/ Even SyFy fun Christmas specials! Oh I guess I should add ABC family

Till next time

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  1. Two posts in a week?! That's crazy talk! Happy rainbow holidays to you!