Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lights Camera Christmas

We live in a time where we deal with unique experience that many would not understand unless you were there. During this time, lets just take a moment to remember how bless we are to have people that care. That includes the extended friends and family online. I would like to share with you some holiday lights from my neck of the woods.

Union Station - OMG isn't this light pattern amazing!

Side shot and all its glory!

City and County Building!! OMG they Dance!! So this Video is from before Thanksgiving, I will walk by it on Thursday, if it has changed I will post another video just to make sure you get the full Christmas experience.

OK that is all I am going back to watching cheesy wonderful girlie Hallmark/Lifetime/ Even SyFy fun Christmas specials! Oh I guess I should add ABC family

Till next time

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zuckerman's farm

I will admit I have this secret love of farms and the farm life.  Something about it just seems so romantic and as American as apple pie.  I recently read this book called The Family Ranch about the life of families that run farms.  It is a truly amazing book and I highly recommend, it really made me think about the struggles that many families have to go through to help insure that we have the ability to buy food from our own country.

With all the urban farmers popping up and the statistics that tell us that most urban kids don't know where their food comes from. Not to mention the food that is created and manufactured in a lab because this planet is becoming so over populated that no farmer can possibly create as much food on a daily bases to supply the worlds food intake.  It's Christmas time and we are all thinking about the fest that come with this time of the year, extra pounds that it will cause we will worry about later. (I might know a great fun fit chick that can help you all with that extra weight)

But back to this food thing.

In Colorado you can find fresh local food at every market, I love this. When I was reading The Family Ranch and out shopping I would often picture some of the farms in the book as some of the farms that make the food I was buying. This summer I got to meet some of these farmers at the State Fair! The ones that make my food not in the book. Well at the State Fair there is this program call Centennial Farms. Don't now if its a program more so then its a celebration. According to History Colorado's website:

The Program was established to honor the significant role that these families have had in settling and shaping the State of Colorado.
Today, each one of Colorado's Centennial Farms stands as a recognition of the strength, courage and perseverance of the families who have worked their land for multiple generations despite the economic challenges of modern agriculture. 

This year the oldest farm was founded in 1892. I know 1892! That was a long time ago, what in the world was going on in 1892.

I did a little search to see what the rest of the country was up to in 1892, cause um well I was not there so how am I suppose to know or remember my US history class. Well this is what I found out in highlight form of course.  Grover Cleveland was president, Ellis Island begins accommodating immigrants to the US, it was the 400th anniversary of Columbus Day and to mark it the "Pledge of Allegiance" is first recited in unison by students in US public schools, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is published and in honor of Christmas The Nutcracker premiered in St. Petersburg, Russia. But back in Colorado in Elbert County the Hertneky family were building their homestead. I wonder if they thought or hoped that their family would be there over a hundred years later. I know with the gypsy blood that runs through me I doubt any of my descendants will be where I am right now a hundred years from now. But I bet the Hertneky family will still be farmers helping all of us remember the importance of local agriculture and truly what it means to have courage.  If you want to check out some photos of the rest of Centennial Farms folks here is a direct link to History Colorado's photostream.

Now if you guys are curious about what else I did at the fair. I can tell you I found someone or rather some animals that can make me smile even on the worst day and here they are and here is one of them. I call her Cruella de Vil.

So with holiday shopping and cooking to be done I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and with my blogging average I will see you next year. ;) OH and without using the handy internet did you know where Zuckerman's Farm is from....hmmmmmm

Til next time

OH and on a random side note. In my research into 1892 I discovered that Colorado in 1893 granted women the right to vote, making Colorado the second to grant universal suffrage and the first one by a popular vote (of Colorado men). Way to go Colorado and its men!