Thursday, July 29, 2010

its all about me (insert random song lyric)

So I am on post 11!  I know I have posted 10 whole post. For those that blog every freakin day, 10 is nothing but for me 10 is major kudos. I would like to note here that those that post every day or once a week I love you for it. Not because I read post every day but because I have this vision that somehow these amazing people that I follow on blog post not only have this other life beyond their blog that takes up all their time, but that they find time to blog and its some good shit, I mean really they find time! I cant find time to do a lot of stuff that those voices in my head tell me to do...

But really back to me for a moment cause um its my 11th post for all bloody goodness. I mean really this is my blog and I thought I would take the time to let you know about me. So what do you need to know about me well its really simple, I love life. If you dont love life then let me know I will grab you a great Colorado beer or bottle of wine and introduce you to the people I know and by the end you will love life too I promise! Because really the most important thing in life is to love what you do and surround yourself (both on the world wide web and physically) with truly amazing people and be willing to tell the world about them.

I  love innovation and people that believe that they can make a difference and change the world. Even if they really know that they can't really change the whole wide world, but they an have a heart that is big enough to try.  I also love talking about people ( think I have said this but really I do). Now I know what you are thinking. This does not mean that I am superficial or self centered or a gossip nut. OK well maybe I am a gossip nut, but I promise its only in the good way and not in the high school way. I love gossiping about people that make a difference. I love the local business mans spirit. I love stories about how $1 invested by a local business man back into his community passes through many hands in that same community. It makes me want to create a website to track how many hands $1 passes through.

OH wait they already have that, &

But really I believe that everyone can make an impact that is bigger then they themselves.  I also love stories about people that believe in themselves and the importance of what they do.  That would be the farmer that saw the value in organic farming and feeding their animals good foods and not just the left over scraps before it became the hot new ting to do in farming.  Same goes for the energy efficant home before LEED came around. Or the value in investing in homes for those that can't afford a home cause really isn't that part of the American dream. I even sometimes love the urban chicken farm. (yes sadly I even mentioned the chicken farm in my post).

I digress. 

I have not written a blog in over a month! ITs not because I don't love to write to my new found blog friends and long time friends that I wish I talked to more. I promise its because I am stirring up something big at work that I can't wait to share with you all.  For those of you on twitter, find me and follow and for those of you near Denver, come see me at where ever I am going to be on Aug. 19th at 2pm. Cause I think a lot of you will love what will happen.

So I am going to leave you with this building that I have fallen in love with and I really wish someone would turn it into a venue.  Where by day it was an outlet for local products and by night it was a pop up restaurant that would give inspiring chiefs a place to prove themselves for 1week. and then every three months they would bring back the most successful chiefs of each month to showcase their top 4 course meal. Tell me that would not catch on and be an instant hot spot. I mean think of the area its in and what is coming in that direction. We have only a small handful of historic buildings in that area and if you say the adaptive reuse does not work then look to  the old warehouse that REI moved into and I challenge you to say that was not a success. If you do then bend over and let this 5"3 blond slap the crap out of you.

I am so not going to tell you where this is right now, but later I will tell you its story, cause um I love a good story

Until next time

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