Monday, June 7, 2010

Travel down the road and back again

The past two week hit me like a ton of bricks.  My emotions were all over the place.  At any given moment I was either really angry and ready to punch someone in the face (not really cause I am a lover not a fighter) or tears running down my own and sometimes both at the same time.  Everything that happened just added to this fuel. There were moments of smiles but they were shadowed with tears and rage.

Started off with having to write a press release that I was still struggling with from last week.  It is amazing the energy that happens to pull off a press release.  (I have to say I owe a lot to my PR director cause it can't be easy having to deal with me on some days.)  I would say it is pretty normal that when you are avoiding writing something you turn to the internet. The web is great at breaking up your thoughts so hopefully when you go back to what your are doing those thoughts are back in the right place. This did not happen to me.  No instead I got hit with was the beginning of the ton of bricks. Sadly cause this is what I found.

Angry tears poured down my face cause I know that in some way even myself is to blame. There are a lot of thing that I could say in regards to this, but it boils down to this sucks and its going to suck for a long long time. Until everyone in this world is ready to change even just in small steps, some are ready and some are not. *Side note had an online discussion with a friend of mine that lead me to believe that I have less in common with some of my long time friends then I thought.

Just when I got my emotions a little more in check. Meaning I was no longer sitting at my desk with tears running down my face trying to breath. I received a gchat message from a friend informing me that one of my fav. artist had passed away.

Now for those of you who don't know who she is shame on you. The Guardian did a good piece on her this Sunday.  This is a sample of one of her most famous pieces.

This women worked until the end.  A good friend of mine (the same one from the gchat message) who is an artist in NYC, told me a few years ago that she met with inspiring artist and would talk to them and actually review some of their work and give them pointers.  I mean could you imagine getting your stuff critiqued by her!! 

In 2007 she gave an interview in connection with her work being on display at the Tate called "My art is a form of restoration" she was asked why she worked on a large scale to which she answers
"I want to create my own architecture so that the relationships of my forms and objects are fixed. Sometimes I need the large scale so that the person can literally move in relationship to the form. The difference between the real space and the psychological space interests me and I want to explore both....."
I think some of my favorite architects have a similar answer but they also add how the relationship with the landscape and surrounding buildings and space play with and compliment each other.

So for the rest of the week the thoughts in my head involved the oil spill and how over the last 20+ years we really have made oil the most important thing in our life, the fight I had with my friend that did the whole circle of oil dependency to recycling to mass transit to drilling for more oil to you name it we talked about it. The whole thing ended with this friend saying that she had more important things to do with her time the debate oil.  I guess for the most part I did too.  Lets not forget that I still had that press release. I finally finished and it went to press, we shall see how it turns out. I think this next week will be just as hard.

What I did learn this week is that sometimes we need to take a step back an realize the choices we at one point had we nor longer do and we need to figure out how to get those choices back. 


On a side note special note does have to be given to the death of Rue McClanahan.  Her character Blanche gave all of the southern women out there a person that we could relate to.  That sassy lusty women  said things that many southern women just think about, well maybe not now since we all have a little Blanche in us. RIP Rue thank you and the rest of the GG cast (thats golden girs not gossip girl) for teaching us the meaning of friendship and that BFFs dont always need to be FBMs but the card attached will always say "Thank you for being a friend"

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  1. Been a crazy week indeed. Love that quote from Louis Bourgeois! Creating a relationship with space... Isn't that what all of us designers/artists/architects/preservationists try to do?

    What a beautiful photo of Rue!