Sunday, May 2, 2010

Butterflies in the Sky

Have you ever thought about doing something for so long that you get all crazy excited about it, I mean that nervous butterflies excitement.  Like the first day at a new job, first walk back in your favorite city after being gone for a while, your whole body just tingles. I think its the whole excitement about something that you not really sure about but you just know its going to be something. Well my dear friend that is how I have been for a while now.  For a while I have had this feeling and I am just not sure what it is, but I can only classify it as the dancing butterflies, and I love dancing butterflies.  But as we all know to much of a good thing is well.....

Now you would think that this dancing butterfly must mean that something big is happening or getting ready to. Well my friends it has and it has been for a while. See a few years ago I did something that for many was a big risk.  I left a job that I loved, well a job I loved doing.  I sat around and played with color all day and designing fabulous textiles.  In my head I was one kick ass designer.  I mean who doesn't like to tell people what colors work together and what makes a good design. Still to this day I love doing that. When I left I thought I was leaving behind the design life, and trading it in to help protect the history of this great country.  I realized quickly that I never did leave behind my design life.  Instead I traded convincing people of great trends to convincing people to actually think before you build or tear down because some designs are worth keeping.  Sometimes you can even take a trend and make it work for every person. Better yet you can even take a pile of trash and turn it into a great green space!

I mean check out  Fresh kills before it opens this year
and look at the rendering

So this brings me to the point. Life is changing and its good to hold on to those changes because butterflies are good and sometimes we just have to always find, or should I say notice the butterflies.  So as I wonder through life and take notice of things around me that gives me butterflies I hope maybe you will get butterflies too.  So welcome to my little spot, my first post, my little adventure may you enjoy as much as I do.


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  1. Ahh butterflies...and great big mounds of trash! Welcome to the blogosphere Shan Shan!